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Application Tips

Enoc Cosmetics products are developed to address skincare in a way that is all-encompassing while also tailored to each person’s unique features. Consequently we offer the option of combining different products in the same application in order to care for the different aspects of ageing or deterioration of the skin and adapt the benefits of Enoc Cosmetics to each person’s needs.

It is advisable to always start with the products that have deep penetrating action such as Riseup, Dermalift, Lipothiol, Niace, Dmaeup, Rescue, R-New Up, Lipohyal or Retihyal and apply them in this order, leaving Prevent and/or Hidraup for last because its action is mainly aimed at the more superficial layers of the skin.

While all our products are developed to combat different aspects of ageing and for general skin care, we also have some more universal ones such as Lipohyal, Riseup and Hidraup to tackle the most frequent or common problems, and others which deal with more specific or occasional aspects of skin deterioration: Dermalift penetrates deep down in skin that significantly lacks collagen and has deep wrinkles and great sagging; Niace, R-New Up and Retihyal are indicated for skins with major general deterioration and which is malnourished, shrunken, wrinkled and yellowed, especially in the epidermis and upper dermis; Dmaeup, Rescue and Prevent are designed and indicated to work agains the neuromuscle flaccidity and wrinkles, and Lipothiol is for hyperkeratotic skin with excess sebum, pores and blemishes.

Because most of our products contain raw materials that while of the highest quality are perishable, basically oxidisable once the container has been opened, we recommend using the products within the period specified on each one’s box and label so as to make the most of their benefits. This is especially important with Niace, Dermalift and Retihyal where this time period is only a month. In all cases storage in a refrigerator – not a freezer – can extend this usage time by up to twice as long.

Our products are in the external aqueous phase and therefore it is important to apply them on clean skin that is a little damp to facilitate and improve their absorption. Performing a gentle massage during application is also essential for enhancing their action.

Enoc Cosmetics products under development: Pool Antimanchas, Hidraup Liquid and many more to provide care for all skin types.