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Enoc Method

The essence of a good cosmetic product lies in nature and the human body itself, in careful observation of cells and their structures and in studying their behaviour. This idea has enabled us to grasp the basic principles that determine their existence and realise that the more the formulations of our products resemble the biological structures of our body, the better the interaction between them and the greater their effectiveness. And this is the basic principle of what we do: meticulous development of cosmetic products with highly advanced technology.

The Enoc method is our way of understanding scientific progress, always rooted in nature and with the aim of developing the most effective and healthy cosmetics possible.

Enoc Cosmetics, founded by Pedro González and associates, develops and manufactures cosmetic products based on the most advanced liposomal technology, Advanced Liposomes. Enoc Cosmetics only produces non-decorative treatment cosmetics, which means that the physical and sensory characteristics of our products are solely determined by technological needs and the search for maximum effectiveness.