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Liposomal Technology

The inclusion and application of nanotechnology, especially liposomes, has been one of the greatest technological breakthroughs in cosmetics in recent years. Due to their features analogous to those of biological structures, liposomes can not only efficiently carry and release a variety of active ingredients, but they also bring great benefits resulting from their own regenerative, restorative and rejuvenating activity on cell membranes.

Until recently liposomal technology was reserved for other scientific and therapeutic applications such as biotechnology, genetics and oncology. Its application in the field of cosmetics has enabled us to develop new products which can act more selectively, efficiently and safely in a greater number of situations, processes and conditions. It has also expanded the form and kind of products as well as their ways and methods of application.

We began developing the Enoc method in 1987 and since then we have investigated and evolved our own liposomal technology. Today we work with Advanced Liposomes, latest-generation liposomes that make our cosmetics into effective tools for health care and beaut.

  • Great capacity for penetration, diffusion and transfer of the active ingredient to the various tissues and structures of the skin.
  • Greater selectivity in the transfer of the active ingredient and control of the duration of its effect.
  • Increased efficiency and security of the active ingredients.
  • Great capacity for regenerating damaged or aged cell membranes.
  • Reduction in toxicity and other adverse effects.
  • Great capacity for assimilation and total biocompatibility.

LIPOSOME: nanometric vesicle featuring great compatibility with all biological structures. Due to its size and physicochemical properties similar to cell membranes, it can carry and release active ingredients with very different features and for many different applications in a way that is selective, controlled and efficient.